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Fix Computer Repair: Products & Services

Fix Computer Repair offers remote support for homes and businesses. The trained computer engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support. 

Services provided by Fix Computer Repair include:

Repair services are for PC's, laptops or Macs. The company acts to increase system privacy, diagnose issues, and increase computer efficiency.

Fix Computer Repair: Company Background

Fix Computer Repair has been operating over 11 years. The repair company is made up of professional computer engineers. Fix Computer Repair is based in Riverside, California, United States.

The writer could find little information about the company for this review. One major disadvantage is that the words 'computer' and 'repair' are together a part of many businesses names. According to Yahoo! Local, the manager is Steve Johnson.

Fix Computer Repair: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The writer could find no online reviews yet for Fix Computer Repair. As earlier explained, the business is hard to pinpoint online as many companies have similar names. There are reviews for Quick Fix Computer Repair and Fast Fix Computer Repair. These ones are not Fix Computer Repair.

Instead, the writer did find a variety of coupon code pages for the website's services. That was the closest to a review available. There are no testimonies on the actual company site either.

Fix Computer Repair: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There is no BBB profile for Fix Computer Repair. There are profiles with the Better Business Bureau for companies of similar names, but these companies are not the same one.

The only media links the writer found to Fix Computer Repair are a variety of coupon-related pages on many blogs and websites. There is no mention of media attention on the company site.

Fix Computer Repair: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

For site popularity, Fix Computer Repair has low numbers on Alexa and Google PageRank Checker.

On Alexa, has a "No data" text in place of a number for the Global Traffic Rank. There are only five sites linking in to the website. Historical data is not available on Alexa given the low numbers.

There is no profile for the repair site on the Compete website. Google PageRank Checker shows that has a rank of one out of ten.

Fix Computer Repair: Social Media Presence

The company appears to have virtually no social media presence. The writer could find no company profiles on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Many online competitors have profiles on at least one of these three networks. 

Social media networks are a way for companies to get followers, make new connections and promote their brands. Fix Computer Repair rates only one star in this section of the review due to its low social media presence.

Fix Computer Repair: Website Security & Safety

For security, Fix Computer Repair does use https:// connections during the checkout process.

The Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page shows that the electronic repair website is not currently listed as suspicious. The site has not hosted malicious software over the last 90 days, according to the Google page.

Fix Computer Repair: Pricing & Packages

There is a fixed price for the services performed by Fix Computer Repair, rather than an hourly rate. The fixed price is $89.95 USD.

The website makes the statement that most repairs are completed within an hour. For homes and businesses that require many repairs then that set amount may be a good bargain. The opposite, however, could be true for people with only a few, minor issues to be fixed. 

Fix Computer Repair: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping policy with Fix Computer Repair in the traditional sense. Services are completed remotely to the customer's home or business computers. The services provided are not physical objects but instead are electronic computer repair services.

Fix Computer Repair installs programs, optimizes computer performance, and creates backup solutions.

Fix Computer Repair: Payment Methods Accepted

The payment method available through the website is by Google Wallet. For people who already have a Google account, they are able to sign in to use Google Wallet by pressing the "Buy now" widget on the site homepage.

Once signed in, customer can pay by credit and debit cards for the Fix Computer Repair services.

Accepted credit cards are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
Fix Computer Repair: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There is no Return Policy information posted on the company website. Of the many reviews written by the writer for business websites, this is the first time the writer has not seen a Return Policy page or a statement regarding returns.

Customers wanting to inquire about the services can reach Fix Computer Repair by way of the site's Contact Us page or via the Live Chat option online.

Fix Computer Repair: Product images & screenshots
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